what is vapor blasting?

Vapor Blasting usally called as water blasting,dustless blasting ,liquid blasting or wet blasting . In short,Vapor blasting is a process which mix water and abrasives together to finish parts surface treating. Compare with dry sandblasting, vapor blasting use less sand,less dust polution,and can get a perfect finish treating. It can widely use on cast iron, aluminum, brass, mild steel etc    After blasting it seals the parts surface, resulting in cosmetic enhancement and imparts a micro finish that helps it resist further staining and oxidation. Vapor [...]

JL-600L sandblast pot export to Maldives

Two sets of JL-600L portable  sandblasting pot export to Maldives.   Portable Sandblasting Pot is widely used on outdoor blasting work,dust removing like bridge sandblasting, oil tank blasting,port construction,Oil pipe,big mold blasting,ore,etc. It with 18.5 meter strong  sandblasting hose,high pressure sandblasting gun.

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