what is vapor blasting?

Vapor blaster also be named like: water sand blast machine, wet sandblaster, dustless blasting cabinet, dust free sandblaster Compared with dry blasting, vapor blasting is a process of slurry sand and water together and spray to parts to get a perfect surface treating,In wet blasting, water-abrasive mixture is used resulting in smoother finish and less dust inside cabinet. Water washes away contaminants like grease and oil. In dry blasting these contaminants could cause coagulation of the abrasive and lead to machine [...]

CE approved sand blasting machine

JL Sandblasting Equipment Co.,Ltd  get CE approved for below model: water dustless sand blasting machine:JL-9080W,JL-1010W,JL-1212W,JL-1313W Dry suction sandblast cabinet:JL-6050EA,JL-9080EA,JL-1010EA,JL-1212EA Pressure sandblasting cabinet:JL-9080P,JL-1010P,JL-1212P Turntable sand blast cabinet:JL-9080FA,JL-1010FA,JL-1212FA  


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