Double sandblast cabinet

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Dual sandblasting cabinet machine, sandblaster, sand blast machine



Working cabinet:2000x1000mmx800mm

Separator motor: 380V/50Hz/370W 
Lamp: 220V, 13W 
Separator air flowing: 8.5m3/min 
Required Pressure: 2-7bar (kg/cm2) 

Used in: 

1. Process before electroplating, spraying, add adhesion. 

2. Heating treating, dust remove, oil-cleaning, oxide remove of Various tooling, casting, punching, stamping, metal, non-metal. Renovation of old pieces. 

3. Polishing and aerosol effecting of products of ceramic, glass, plastic. Also can working on glasses, jewelry, watches. 

Easy operation, environmental protection. 

Additional: Automatic drying device

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