JL-SBC350 sand blasting machine

JL-SBC350 sand blasting machine

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JL sandblaster SBC350,sandblasting cabinet,


 1) Natural rubber/vinyl blast gloves

2) Perforated steel flooring-abrasive

3) large particle-separating screen

4) clean-out door.

 5) Powder conted inside and outside

 6) Air regulator / gauge panel.

7) 14 gauge steel legs (16 gauge panels)

 8) Eliminating typical suction pick-up tubes and hoses, media metering

 9) Series blast cabinets in an entirely different class from the compectition. 10) Extemal flourescent lighting system,Packed in wooden case.

 11) Overall dimension: 100x61x163cm

 12) Work area: 94.5×60.5×60.5cm

13) Air pressure range: 60PSI~120PSI

14) Sand capacity: approx 40lb

15) Abrasive media: silica sand, glass beads, silicon carbide, emery, plastic sand, etc.

16) Power requirement: 110V,60Hz or 230V,50Hz

17) Output voltage: 12V


Sandblaster 350 loading details:20Foot:28pcs,40HQ:58pcs

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