boron carbide sandblast nozzle

boron carbide sandblast nozzle

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boron carbide sand blast nozzle

boron carbide sandblasting nozzle,bc blasing nozze


JL boron carbide sand blasting nozzle is a kind of hard and ware-resisting blasting can workin in limit low and high temperature enviroment, rigt now boron carbide material are slowly instead of tungsten carbide blasting nozzle and silicon carbide blasting nozzle.

Below is the working life and these three kind of blasting nozzle when use different blasting media



material steel shot steel grit quartz sand glass beads  
silicon cabide

blasting nozzle

20-40hrs 30-50hrs 40-50hrs 100-300hrs  
tungstem carbide blasing nozzle 100-200hrs 150-260hrs 200-280hrs 500-1500hrs  
boron carbide

blasting nozzle

600-1200hrs 900-1400hrs 1400-1900hrs 2100-2400hrs  

boron carbide blasting nozzle density:2.46g/cm3




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