Turntable Sandblasting Cabinet

Turntable Sandblasting Cabinet

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    Sand blasting cabinet with turntable and cart

    Especially for tooling

    MODEL:JL-9080FA (with turntable and cart)

    Working cabinet size:900x800x800mm

    Turntable diameter:600mm

    Viewing glass:440x240mm


    Air source request:.>1M³ 7.5KW air compressor is ok.(must be dry air)

    Turntable max loading weight:50kg

    Inside cabinet light:18Wx2

    Dust collector fan:370W

    Bag type dust collector (pulse filter type for optional)

    With cyclone separator

    Machine weight:200kgs

    This kind of sandblasting cabinet especially for tooling, mould, glasses, lighter or big heavy irregular parts to reduce dust, surface oil, burrs, oxide; glass s/tone carving, pre-coating,pre-electroplating.

    Sandblasting media need for this machine: aluminum oxide, glass beads, ceramic ball etc

    Our turntable sandblasting cabinet including gloves, gun, nozzle.

    But we suggest you buy extra sandblasting nozzles(B4C nozzle),gloves, viewing glasses.

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