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Dual Blaster For Soda and Abrasive(Soda sandblaster, double tank blasting pot)

The dual tanks each hold 40lbs media, and operate on as little as 6 cfm at 115PSI. This unit now offers the professional and DIY the ability to use soda and normal media in one unit,with quick switch change between different media.



Tank capacity:40lbsx2

Air consumption:6CFM@115PSI

Working pressure:85-115PSI

Ceramic nozzle:2/2.5/3/3.5mm

Water trap removes moisture to prevent clogging



1.Quick change valve-allows operator change from blasting rust to paint removal

2.Utilize bicarbonate soda for paint removal

-on plastic,fiberglass,wood,chrome,stainless steel and any other soft metal without surface damage

  1. Utilize aggressive media

    -for heavy rust and paint removal case iron,steel,etc

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