small vibratory tumbler,vibratory polisher

small vibratory tumbler,vibratory polisher

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This kind of small vibratory tumbler Mainly applied to small metal parts.standard parts. apparatus. instruments.bicycles. sewing machines. hydraulic parts. parts.plastics.ceramics.non-ferrous metal products and parts industry deburring parts to rust, polishing rough, medium polished , fine polishing, bright polishing. Especially for special-shaped part of the surface finishing are superior to specific functions, as it after finishing the parts.

The vibration is a process of vibratory grinding process,  put grinding abrasives and polishing media into the tank, then  put the parts which parts which need to remove burs and polishing into the tank, parts and polishing abrasives will generate relative movement, grinding each other, remove the burrs and bulges, make the sharp edge more smooth ,and polishing parts surface.


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