sand blasting glass beads

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Glass beads  is widely used on metal surface cleaning or abrasive enhanced treatment process, mainly for sandblasting work. Glass beads are from high-quality crushed culled sorting made. Manufacturing, broken glass to melt into a ball and then annealed to eliminate the stress and prevent breakage. This transparent, clear product when using a spherical structure having a particle is not embedded in the work-piece, the work-piece, or have other pollution damage. Abrasives of different sizes and different operating parameters, the type of glass beads reach the surface gloss. The choice of glass beads in the work-piece surface selectively controlling local coverage blast may have a particularly decorative effect.

 Chemical Composition:

1.chemical composition:SiO2 >67%,CaO>8.0% MgO>2.5% Na2O<14%, Al2O3 0.5-2.0 Fe2O3 >0.15其他2.0%


3.Bulk density:1.5g/cm3

4.Mohs hardness:6-7mohs

5.Rockwell hardness:48-52 HRC

1, the chemical composition of inert silica chemical activity without interference concerns; 
2, the circular elastic particles, impact resistance, can be recycled many times, less wear and tear; 
3, spray a small abrasion and prolong the service life of the nozzle; 
4, the surface of a sphere, will not damage the machined surface and precision size; 
5, after treatment, the surface is smooth, with a special beauty, improve product value; 
6, suitable for dry, wet blasting operations; 
7, the metal fine cracks with a fine glass beads in the wet blasting easily displayed; 
8, after the workpiece has a matte effect, highlighting the qualities of metal, rust, etc., without the need for pickling rust treatment 
1, the beads hit aviation parts, eliminate stress, to increase the fatigue strength and reduce friction and wear; 
2, sand-blasting, paint, in addition to carbon, with the exception of machining marks; 
3, before anodizing and plating, in addition to cleaning outside can help increase adhesion; 
4, weld steel workpiece cleaning and removal of surface scratches and other beauty processing; 
5, line cutting clean rust mold; 
6, in addition to dirt rubber molds; 
7, with reflective road marking; 
8, the appearance of decorative art;

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