automatic drum sand blasting cabinet

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automatic sandblasting cabinet with basket, auto drum sandblasting machine 

Model:JL-9080AFA(two blasting guns)

The blasting time can be seted before blasting

Machine overall size:1450x900x1700mm

Blasting chamber size:800x900x800mm

separator size:750mmx250mm(diameter) it is accroding actual needs


Front door opening

suitable abrasives:30-250mesh

Air pressure>7bar

Rolling box:50cm(diameter)

Box loading weight:max 20kgs

Machine total power:550W

Machine total weight:600kgs

drum sand blasting machine


  1. This machine features novel design, simple structure, reliable performance, easy operation, high efficiency and low consumption of power.
  2. This machine is equipped with a cyclone separator and a dust removing system. They have the function of separating reusable abrasive materials from useless tiny powders and dust. The dust collector will only collect powders and dust. As a result consumption of abrasive materials is very low.
  3. This machine is equipped with an automatic rotary cylinder. The work pieces can be turned over and over again inside the cylinder so that sand blasting is very even and efficiency is very high.
  4. Major parts and components in this machine are made with high-quality materials. They feature reliable performances and long service lives.


This drum sanddblasting cabinet can do cleaning work on forgings, castings, welded components, heat-treated components and rough surfaces on machines components. It has the function of removing scales, slugs and burrs. It is good for pretreatment before painting, coating and electric plating.

This machine is also good for enhancing bright-finish surfaces.

This machine is fit for single-piece or batch production of small or medium sized products like screw,zippers,locks etc

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