880L sandblasting cabinet with two working blasting cabin

880L sandblasting cabinet with two working blasting cabin

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JL-880L sandblasting cabinet with double operating blasting cabin 

Working space:2000x680x650mm

Sand loading capacity:26Lx2



Double Working Cabinet able to be used by 2 workers at once.
Parallel cabinet that could suit for larger/longer work pieces
It is possible to have extra long parts running through one side to another.
2 front doors and 2 side doors supply more convenient ways to move in and out different sized work pieces.
Natural rubber/vinyl blast gloves; LED light.

Able to use 2 different types of media to blast based on separate funnel design within both sides of the cabinet.
Extra rugged, heavy duty foot valve assembly. Built to blast with heavy steel housing and high-Edit Production brass flow valve.

Double dust collector ensuring higher dust clean efficiency.

Sand loading capacity: 52L (each funnel is 26L)
Gross Weight: 246kg
Net Weight: 195kg

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