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Here we suggest you to use Boron Carbide Nozzles.


Boron carbide nozzles  ,blasting gun with nozzle
For best results and efficient blasting operations, selection of quality, suitable for use in the nozzle is one of the keys.

The machine is equipped with high wear resistance, high efficiency, long service life of Venturi-type high-speed two inlet nozzles,

nozzles with high wear-resistant materials (special ceramics) for lining. Single inlet nozzle flow resistance, abrasive exit velocity of 200 m / s,

the abrasive jet stream out of a large divergence angle, grinding Division distributed, cleaning efficiency 15-40% higher than ordinary nozzles.
Our 6,8,10,12 mm with the nozzle diameter for the user to choose. To prevent blockage, the nozzle diameter should be selected for the abrasive grain size of 3-4 times.

Boron carbide nozzle features:
And boron carbide with the same performance, extremely hard they wear, do not react with acid and alkali resistance, high / low temperature, high pressure,

density ≥ 2.46g/cm3; hardness ≥ 3500kgf/mm2, flexural strength ≥ 400Mpa, melting point of 2450 ℃. Boron carbide nozzles for wear with the above characteristics of high hardness, boron carbide nozzles are gradually replacing the known carbide / tungsten steel and silicon carbide, silicon nitride, alumina, zirconia and other materials nozzles.