JL Sandblasting Equipment Co.,Limited(Hangzhou Jiyan Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd) is one of the professional  surface treating manufacturer and exporter in Zhejiang China since year 2008,  we have 8 enginner which worked for JL sandblasting more than 9 year ,Right now we have two production base which more than 8000Sqm. 

Our sandblasting equipment was exported more than 50 countries which our customs data can prove it.

 We always insist quality first which we can save time and money for our customers who import equipment from us.

We insist after-sales service first, we are here whenever you need help from us.

Our products scope:

Surface Treatomg Equipment:dry sand blasting cabinet, water sandblast machine,dustless sand blasting pot,pressure sandblast pot(100L-1500L), pressure sand blast cabinet,shot blasing machine,vibratory polishing machine,mini sandblasting pot 5gallon,10gallon,20gallon,mini blast cabinet:90L,220L,350L,420L,990L,1200L

Sandblasting accessories: sand blasting gun,boron carbide blasting nozzle,safety blasting helmet,sand blast clothes,air filter,ceramic blast nozzles

Sandblasting abrasives and polishing stone &grinding liquid: glass beads,copper slag,aluminum oxide,plastic sand,garnet, ceramic stone,high porcelain stone,plastic stone etc



  • water sand blasting pot

    dustless sand blasting pot, vapor sandblasting machine

  • JL-300L Portable Sand Blasting Pot

    portable sand blasting pot for bridge,oil tank,structure

  • Tooling sand blasting machine

    tooling sandblasting cabinet

  • JL-1010EA sand blasting machine

  • JL-9080EA dry sand blasting cabinet

    sandblasting machine,sand blasting cabinet,abrasive sandblast cabinet,suction sandblast machine


    Power supply:380V/50HZ
    Separator motor:220V/50HZ,370W
    Compressed air supply:5-7bar(kg/cm2),and flow of 0.8-1.2m3/min
    Power swich:24V

    This kind sandblasting machine with Thermostatic heating device


    More information of sandblasting cabinet as below: 

     Suction sand blasting cabinet are suitable for surface treatment of all products of metal, plastic and glass ect .removing oxide skin. residues burrs and scratches can be used for decoration light .matte and strengthen management , There are cyclone separation system and dust removal system , separator will separate the abrasive from bust .and dust removal system can deal with and collect the    emit useless dust .and can vibrating clean up dust automatically .dust remove effect of good .reduce the cost of abrasive and improve efficiency .and there is no environmental pollution .  
    Blasting media :White Aluminum Oxide . Brown Aluminum Oxide . Glass Beads 

  • pressure sand blasting cabinet

    high pressure sand blasting cabinet

  • JL-1200L sandblaster

    1200L sandblaster

  • automatic water sandblasting machine

    automatic water sandblasting cabinet with turntable

  • JL-6868W water sandblasting machine

    small water sandblasting cabinet

  • JL-600L vibratory polishing equipment

    kitchenware polishing machine,stone polishing machine

  • sandblast cabinet JL-7660

    suction sandblast cabinet for hardware parts

  • dustless sandblast cabinet

    wet sandblasting machine,water sand blasting cabinet
    Sandblast cabinet size:1200X1200X800mm

    Machine shell:stainless steel

    Power supply:380V/50HZ (3phase)

    Compressed air supply:0.4-0.8kg/cm2

    water and abrasive proportion:4:1

    with 1.5KW motor,

    can use:glass beads,aluminium oxide,                 package :4.6CBM

    HS code:84243000



    Wet Sandblast machine takes health and environmental protection as the subject, mainly used in dentistry restoration, instruments and meters,

    bijouterie, watch and glasses and so on. It is helpful to decrease craftwork process, improve working efficiency and reduce the production costs.

    So it can be a new assistant to dentists and mechanists.


    Overall stainless steel material cabinet, solid, durable and corrosion resistant.

    Toughened glass cabinet door, automatically screen wiper, clear eyesight.

    New type air cell foot pedal switch, easy operation and safety.

    Effective Polyurethane sand pump built in the cabinet, freely to start.

    High pressure spray gun can be fixed or hand-operated, flexible and handy


    This is the new type, we improved some features,and add rubber linear compare to the old type.






    Work Area








    Power Supply

    380V/ 50Hz



    Volume proportion

    20Kg water,5Kg abrasives

    20Kg water,5Kg abrasives

    20Kg water,5Kg abrasives

    compressed air supply

    Pressure:4-8kg/cm2, Flow:≥0.7m3/min

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